onsdag 23. mars 2011

Celebrities with Thunderbirds

Joan Collins and Jane Mansfield in 1957

Debbie Reynolds and her 1955 T-bird

Natalie Wood 1955 T-bird

Glynis Jhons with her 1957 T-bird

Boxer Archie Moore august 1955

Annette Funicello

James Cagney
Clark Gable

Vintage ad after Photoshop

søndag 13. mars 2011


23 cars in beatiful weather July, 2005

This years Classic Thunderbird Club of Scandinavia annual meeting was to be held in the middle part of Norway, at Jaegtvolden Fjord hotel  in  Inderoy, North Trondelag. If your interested in seeing beautiful places in Inderoy, you can visit the web side: www.dengyldneomvei.com  After a cold spring, the weather changed to warm and sunny days the first few weeks of July. The second weekend of July, from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th, 22 classic Thunderbirds gathered for an unforgettable weekend. There were 12 T-birds from Norway,10 T-birds from Sweden and one member met with his 1956 Ford F100 Pick-up, who transported the lunch for cruising on Saturday. This years meeting was marking the 50th anniversary of the Thunderbird. All participants got a 50th anniversary t-shirt and a good anniversary red wine.

On Saturday the temperature was close to 90 degrees F, so all T-birds cruised topless on the beautiful roads in the Inderoy area. During the cruising we had stops at   Gjorv Deer farm, beautifully Kjerknesvaagen  marina, Skarnsundet bridge which is the world’s longest bridge using inclined cable suspension ( 3050 feet’s long) across the Skarnsundet sound and finally to the Muustroepark  with the famous Nils Aas sculptures.
All the Thunderbirds were arranged in the park for making some beautiful unforgettable photos. Many participants and public enjoyed to have better look at the beautiful Thunderbirds.
Jaegtvolden Fjord hotel showed up to be a perfect place to arrange a meeting of this kind. The hotel had arranged a barbeque dinner on Friday evening in the garden, and all 47 participants enjoyed a huge unforgettable dinner on Saturday. One of the members, Bjorn Walseth, entertained us on his keyboard. We had some wonderful days together with Thunderbird friends, a lot of good car-stories and of course beautiful Norwegian nature.
Three new members where enlisted this weekend. Altogether CTCS has 138 members from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and the club was founded in 1974, and now has opened their own web site, which is www.classict-bird.se

Photo. Fortuna Classic

Custom 1955 Thunderbird Bo Zolland Vizualtech

The next retro Thunderbird?

Chip Foose. If you read this, I will be OVERHAULED...